Project Manager

Sean Pietrowski gives our clients personal project interactions with a national reach. He has over 16 years experience with local civil engineering firms, in the field, at the drafting table, and in the research and legal aspects of the commercial real estate transaction. This gives him a unique perspective on the ins and outs of a transaction. He pursues a focused approach in getting projects to the closing table with respect to specific requirements and submittal schedules.
Excited by our unique business model, personal approach to project management, and cutting edge technology, Sean joined us in 2011 as a project manager. He talks like this: “I see my  opportunity at Millman as being part of an industry-leading surveying firm that is poised to develop into the principal company for surveying needs.”
Prior to entering Millman, Sean worked for an engineering design group as a Senior Surveying and Engineering Technician where he was an AutoCad Drafter, managed ALTA survey completion, and shepherded projects from start to finish through city, county, state, and engineering firm topography. Sean cut his teeth as the Survey Party Chief and Engineering Technician at another Surveying and Engineering firm, where he utilized his AutoCAD skills to design plans through the multiple phases of design for engineering projects.
Sean pursued a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering at Penn State University and The University of Akron.
When he’s off the clock, civil engineer that he is, Sean bends the Natural Order to his will through gardening and yard work with his wife Kara and his two boys Collin and Devin.