In a real estate transaction, title insurance and surveys are specialized instruments that provide valuable, necessary protection. This calls for a systematic and complete review of all issues that could affect your property.

Real Support provides senior staff with an impressive depth and breadth of experience and skills for your review of title and survey.

What to expect?

A three–course meal.

1.You will receive a title and survey review providing a detailed memorandum discussing all key points seen on the title and survey, highlighting any discrepancies, schedule B items, possible encroachments, suggested endorsements, and more.

2.We can negotiate certain portions of the commitment with the title company to make sure you get all the protection to which you are entitled without paying unnecessary fees.

3.We’ll top it off with a review of the title insurance policy after closing. We make sure it says what it was supposed to say.

How do we do it?

25 years of experience: our team of top performing paralegals and attorneys who handle simple, complex, multistate, or multi-party projects on a daily basis.

See an example of our Real Support Memorandum.

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